Information and advice regarding your booking with Cottages To Let: South View Cottage

All of our information relating to Covid-19 can be found either directly on this page or via the links on it

Your cottage will be thoroughly cleaned to our usual high standard. Additionally, in line with COVID19 guidelines we have implemented disinfecting procedures. Please refer to our cleaning plan/cleaning checklist and our additional cleaning routines.

Cottages To Let Guests Protocol regarding COVID-19
Before You Set off

Needless to say, if you or any member of your party develop symptoms before your holiday, it is important that you stay at home and do not travel. Therefore, please make sure that you and the rest of your party are fit to travel before setting off to stay at the cottage. If you are unable to travel please contact us immediately to let us know. We will also ask you to confirm that your party is fit to travel via a text message prior to your arrival.

Please visit to see the latest government information regarding COVID19. If you or any of your party develop or have any symptoms of COVID19 within the 14 days prior to your holiday commencing or you receive a track and trace alert, please inform us immediately. You will need to check your travel insurance regarding their cancellation guidelines.

Bookings for multiple households

You can only visit in groups as permitted by law. Please ensure that the guests in your party due to stay together at the accommodation are able to do so according to government guidelines and legislation for the duration of your stay. Please check the latest government guidance, and if your booking is affected, please contact us to discuss the options.

Essential items to take with you
Please consider whether you will need to pack any of the following items to help you enjoy your holiday:
  • Face masks/coverings – You will need to pack face masks/coverings unless you are exempt. In England you must wear a face covering in a number of indoor settings, consult the government guidance here for information on where to wear a face covering.
  • Disposable gloves 
  • Hand sanitiser - for when out and about
  • A thermometer
  • Wind break or markers – might support you in setting up a social distance zone on the beach for example
  • Tickets / advance bookings – remember to plan beforehand and pre book tickets for any attractions or make bookings e.g. at restaurants as most will be only taking pre-bookings due to limits on numbers.
  • Card and board games, DVDs, books, magazines – we previously had a selection of items in the cottage but these have been removed for your safety.
While You Are Away

The key will be in the key safe and, along with the key, the safe has been sanitised prior to your arrival.

If you develop COVID19 symptoms - If you, or any of your party become ill and display any symptoms of COVID19 or receive a track and trace alert while you are at the property, you must call us straight away. Click here to see further information and links to government sites.

If for any reason it is not possible to vacate the property in the event of a member of your party becoming ill and self-isolation is required to take place at the property, then please be aware that all fees for all bookings affected by this self-isolation will be borne by you, the guest.

Social distancing
Please maintain social distancing in accordance with government guidelines at all times during your stay. Click here to see further information on social distancing and links to government guidance. 
We will not be entering your property during your stay unless a problem arises that requires urgent attention.

Some of the points below you will already be familiar with. Please follow these simple procedures:

Sanitise your hands
We have provided a bottle of hand sanitiser which is situated on the worktop alongside you as you enter the property. We would respectfully ask that all guests sanitise their hands on entering the property. It is not to be used in place of soap and water once in the property and should not be removed at any time during your stay or when vacating the property.

Wash your hands
As we have all been advised, hand washing is the first line of defence against COVID19. Please wash your hands for 20 seconds when necessary, using soap and hot water. Hand wash is provided in the kitchen and the bathroom. Please do not remove these from the premises at any point during or at the end of your stay.

Clean & Disinfect
For health & safety reasons we do not normally provide additional cleaning materials other than hand wash and washing up liquid. However, due to COVID19 we have provided an appropriate antiviral cleaning product, additional dishcloth and a roll of blue disposable paper towel for your convenience.  You will find these on the kitchen worktop. Ensure that the antiviral surface cleaner is kept out of reach of children. If you use the antiviral surface cleaner read all of the information provided on the product, paying particular attention to directions for use.  Use only as directed on the package. Surfaces should be cleaned first, removing any dirt/debris etc., prior to using antiviral surface cleaner. Do not use on electrical equipment, where electricity is present, or on soft furnishings.

Air the Property
During your stay, but only during the times when you are actually in residence at the property and when the weather allows, please open the windows and air the property to increase the air flow. For security purposes please ensure windows are closed when you go out/when the property is vacant.

Crockery & Cutlery
Please ensure all crockery, glasses, pots, saucepans, and kitchen utensils are cleaned in the dishwasher following use. For our safety, please do not leave any dirty dishes on your departure.

Waste Disposal
Please ensure that on departure all waste (do not forget the bathroom bin & any food in the fridge/freezer/cupboards) is put in bags which are then sealed and placed in the green wheelie bin outside. Clean recycling, i.e. glass, plastic bottles along with paper and light card to be placed in the blue bin outside. Note, additional controls are required in the event of a guest becoming ill or having COVID19 symptoms whilst at the property. Click here for further information.

Please remove outdoor shoes and leave in the utility area on entering the cottage.

Vacating the Property

Bed Linen
This is a high- risk area for us as cleaners. Please help minimise the risk by following these procedures:
To support us in minimising risk of covid-19 transmission please remove all duvet covers and pillowcases from the beds (used or not) and place in black bin liners provided, please tie the bags at the top once full. Please avoid unnecessary shaking of linen/duvets to avoid dispersing COVID19 into the air. Leave all black bin liners with linen in them in the master bedroom ready for collection. Please also place all towels and bath mat (used or not) into black bin liners, tie the top and leave in the bathroom for collection. Please do not put tea towels or oven gloves into these bags as these are laundered separately, leave these in the kitchen for removal by owners. Mattress and pillow protectors will be removed by owners.

Leaving the key
Please return the key to the key safe.

Cushions, throws and decorative items
We have removed some of the soft furnishings and most decorative items around the property to reduce potential infection and the amount of extra cleaning required. We trust you will understand that this is for your own safety. For example, usually there would be throws available and cushions in each bedroom, all of these have been removed, along with board games, books, and other items that are enhancements but not necessary to your stay. We have left a few cushions in the living room for your comfort. This doesn’t provide the standard of homely feel that we like to pride ourselves on in our property but currently we need to put safety first and hope you understand this.

Welcome folder
Guidance recommends that this is removed from the property. An electronic welcome folder will be emailed with your arrival instructions which you can store on your phone/tablet and refer to as and when you need it. If you need a hard copy, we can provide this on request but require five days’ notice prior to your arrival. Please visit our local attractions page for suggestions on where to visit. Check with the attraction beforehand regarding whether they are open and if you need to book.

We hope you understand the need for the additional procedures and guidelines and hope that they do not detract from the enjoyment of your holiday. If you have any questions please do not to get in touch.